Build a Working Relationship With Us

Referrals and brokers are important to Oxbow Capital Partners. To prove our commitment to brokers who are interested in working with us, we offer a host of benefits:

  • A promise that your clients remain yours. Instead of locking you out of future deals like other companies, we commit to reciprocal referrals. Whenever a client returns, we will refer them back to you.
  • Competitive commissions and upfront agreements that detail every transaction for each deal. You will never have cause to question whether your work is fairly compensated.
  • Top-notch support to help you nurture your relationships with your clients. We understand that customer retention is just as important as finding new clients. We will do everything possible to help you build quality relationships with your clients so they feel comfortable working with you.
  • More access to a wider range of funding opportunities than other conventional institutions have available.
  • Fast turnarounds on your deals to avoid delays in your clients’ projects. Your clients are more likely to return to you because they know you have the resources available to help them in a reasonable amount of time.

Who Are You?

Working with Oxbow Capital Partners is a great opportunity for the right candidates. If you want to work with us, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you enjoy the independence of working from anywhere?
  • Are you ready to earn the best commissions while having financial tools available to you?
  • Do you want your projects funded with ease and without delays that often lead to losing customers?
  • Are you motivated to seek out new clients and take the necessary steps to solidify your relationships with them?
  • Do you want to work for a nationally recognized company that is growing?
  • Is remaining the lead on future deals with clients important to you?

If any of this applies to you, contact Oxbow Capital Partners to find out more about our referral and broker program.