House Flippers See Expansion in Fort Worth CRE Market

The commercial real estate market in Fort Worth, TX is experiencing an expansion period, and more people are in the market to buy homes than last year. With this in mind, new CRE professionals and seasoned pros alike are scoping out properties in Fort Worth that can be renovated to attract buyers and generate revenue.

Higher-End Designs and Materials

There was a time when flipping houses meant setting a budget, using the least expensive materials, and maximizing one’s profit. Times have changed. Since many Fort Worth commercial real estate investors make lucrative careers from flipping houses, they want their names attached to quality work to boost their reputation. Similarly, buyers have become more aware of what goes into home renovations, and can spot quality work a lot more easily. Networks such as HGTV, and the house flipping projects done by Chip and Joanna Gaines in Waco, TX have made potential buyers realize what good renovations look like. For house flippers in Forth Worth, increasing the bottom line means using higher-end materials and forward thinking design. Boosting the overall value of a home means commercial real estate investors can place a higher selling price on it once the project is completed. Some investors will even set aside a portion of their budget to stage a house with rented furniture and decorations to give potential buyers an idea of how the rooms could look.

Fort Worth House Flippers Have a Big Impact

While many house flippers in Fort Worth measure success with each sale, there is a larger impact. By breathing new life into Fort Worth properties, commercial real estate investors are improving the value of entire neighborhoods and attracting new homeowners. The local economy of Fort Worth is also improved by house flippers. Local contractors are used for renovations, and once the property is sold, new homeowners pay property taxes, send their kids to local schools, and spend money at local stores and restaurants.

Financing House Flipping Projects in Fort Worth

Flipping houses is one of the most accessible commercial real estate projects in Fort Worth. Traditional lending channels still consider commercial real estate to be a risky market, so the requirements on traditional loans are prohibitively high. The best way to finance a project in Fort Worth is to use a lender who understands the local market and can provide funding tailored to the size and scope of your specific house flipping project. Fix and flip loans, lines of credit, bridge financing, and more can help with everything from acquisitions to renovations and more, so you can get that property listed and sold quickly.

At Oxbow Capital partners, we provide a wide range of financing solutions to house flippers in Fort Worth, TX. Contact our offices today to get started.

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