Frisco, TX Sees Rise in Commercial Real Estate Opportunities


Whenever an industry giant moves its headquarters, the gates open for commercial real estate investors and property developers to improve their bottom lines. Such is the case with Keurig-Dr. Pepper moving its Texas headquarters to Frisco. The new office space will bring in new employees, new jobs, and the need for both housing, businesses, and entertainment to keep the new influx of executives happy.

Residential Properties in Frisco, TX

Three residential markets are going to see a boost in Frisco, TX. First, the fix and flip market offers a number of opportunities to people who are relocating for permanent positions in Frisco, and who want to put down roots and raise their families. Second, people in executive positions will also be looking for high-end apartments in the area. While houses are nice, apartments offer more immediate conveniences without the same attention to upkeep for business people who do a lot of traveling. Third, single-family rentals are making a comeback. Younger executives, especially those who are being brought in for tech research on contracts, are trending towards single-family rentals. Right now, acquisitions, renovations, and getting properties ready for sale or to rent should be a priority for commercial real estate investors in the Frisco area.

Industrial Properties

When a big business moves to a city, not everything is handled in the corporate offices. Businesses are always looking for industrial properties to convert to research and development labs, storage, or as distribution hubs. What’s more, businesses are willing to pay more for long-term leases on industrial properties, as well as taking care of maintenance, security, and insurance on their own. Since Keurig-Dr. Pepper works both with R&D as well as supply chains, industrial properties should be in demand.

Office Space

Businesses attract other businesses, and when a city like Frisco gets a great addition, you can bet other entrepreneurs and existing companies will be scouting out locations. Leasing office space or existing properties to retailers, franchises and more will be front and center over the next few months.

Financing Commercial Real Estate in Frisco, TX

Oxbow Capital Partners specializes in financing commercial real estate projects ranging from acquisitions and renovations on up to large-scale construction. Whether you are lining up your first fix and flip project, or breaking ground on a new office building, our team will create a financing strategy tailored to your needs. Contact our offices today to get started.

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