Franchise Businesses to Consider in the Gas Industry

If you’re considering opening a franchise business, you may want to look at the oil and gas industry. After all, there are a variety of successful franchise options.


With over 8,600 convenience stores across the US, 7-Eleven is are convenience stores with gas stations attached. The company offers franchisees all of the tools necessary to run the business.

Circle K

Circle K exists in more than 20 states. They offer financing options with third-party sources to fund equipment.


AMPM began in California in the 1970s. Now, there are hundreds of gas station and convenience stores throughout the US. Franchisees will receive hands-on training.

Street Corner

Street Corner has been around since 1988. With franchising options available, you can cover the franchise fee, start-up costs, equipment, payroll, accounts receivable and inventory.


LUKOIL is a brand with a variety of locations. It offers entrepreneurs a way to build their own store and to operate an independent business with the LUKOIL name.

Alliance Energy

Alliance Energy offers gas stations throughout the northeast. Applicants get the tools and logistics to build and create a business.

Sunoco APlus

Sunoco APlus convenience stores and gas stations are throughout the east coast of the US. They look for franchisees with business experience and financial strength.

Dash In

Dash In provides franchise opportunities across the US. They have 58 units throughout the country.


Marathon is a convenience store and gas station combination. The brand offers entrepreneurs leadership support.

Express Convenience

A franchise since 1985, this convenience store and gas station have 19 units throughout the Midwest. Franchisees have training to help their business thrive.

Quik Stop

Quik Stop offers fuel and convenience store products. If you want to run your own franchise, you will have access to classroom and in-store training.

Kangaroo Express

Kangaroo Express operates under the Pantry. With 1500 stores in 13 states, the Kangaroo Express is a successful franchise.

On the Run

On the Run are convenience stores with TMC Franchise Corporation. You need a total investment fee of $50,000.

Murphy USA

Murphy USA is known throughout the country. If you have the professional experience to build a store, then you’re cut out for Murphy USA.


Shell is one of the most well-known names in the oil and gas industry. They offer fuel products and convenience stores.

Extra Mile

Extra Mile is a convenience store and gas station combination. For franchisees, the franchise offers support from Chevron Corporation.

When looking to open a franchise, you need to have the funds and an entrepreneurial spirit. Fortunately, there are several options available in the oil and gas industry and many that offer training and financing.

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