Financing Commercial Properties in Denton, TX

The commercial real estate market has opened up in Denton, TX and people are lining up everything from single family rentals to industrial facilities, and everything in between. Unfortunately, traditional lending channels are still treating commercial properties in Denton as high-risk deals, while still taking long processing times on applications. Commercial real estate investors in Denton need solutions tailored to their needs.

Using Traditional Loans for Commercial Properties in Denton

Since the Great Recession a decade ago, traditional lending channels have taken measures to protect themselves against history repeating itself. This has shifted the burden to borrowers, especially in the commercial real estate market. Traditional loans have increasingly prohibitive requirements, such as proof of income going back years, in-depth credit history investigations, and more. Additionally, traditional lenders still use a chain of command when processing loans, which can cause delays for time-sensitive projects. The above factors, combined with the reality that traditional lenders do not understand the property markets in Denton can be discouraging to local commercial real estate investors and property developers.

What to Look for in a Lender

Commercial real estate investors in Denton need a lender who understands the local property markets. Fortunately, private lenders have the ability to arrange financing for everything from property acquisitions to renovations, and even large-scale construction, without the delays of traditional lending channels. Private lenders are not restricted by the red tape and funding limitations of traditional lending channels. Private lenders can also offer solutions tailored to the needs of Denton CRE investors. Acquisition loans, bridge financing, fix and flip loans, funding for construction, and more can be arranged quickly so investors and developers can get access to the capital they need to complete transactions and projects of all shapes and sizes. While traditional lending channels may not change with the commercial real estate market in Denton, private lenders are finding ways to keep projects moving forward without the red tape and delays of traditional loans.

Explore Your Options

If you are lining up a commercial real estate project in Denton, TX and need efficient financing – or if you need ongoing capital for a large construction project, contact the experts at Oxbow Capital Partners. Whether you are just entering the commercial real estate arena or if you’re a seasoned pro, our team will work with you get you the financing you need.

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