How a Merchant Cash Advance Can Help Your Small Business

A merchant cash advance can help qualified applicants grow and secure their business. Investing in your company can provide opportunities for growth you may not achieve otherwise. There are many benefits to this choice that may be suitable for your small business to ensure economic pressure doesn’t hinder your success. If your company accepts credit card payments and you are struggling to find traditional loan approval, we at Oxbow Capital Partners can assist you with this alternative.

Learn the Advantages

  • Up to $200,000 lump-sum advance
  • Perfect credit not necessary
  • No collateral involved
  • Fast turnaround once application is approved
  • Payments taken against future credit card sales
  • No stipulations on use of funds

If you have been turned down for traditional business loans from a financial institution, a merchant cash advance is an intelligent substitute. If your small business needs funds, this easy application requires no fees to submit. As this is not a loan, there are also no fixed payments and no closing costs or equity loss. Making payments is simple with an agreed-upon percentage acquired from your merchant account. Most terms are set within a 24-month period with payments made daily.

Get Financing Now

Don’t let your business flounder if a merchant cash advance can get it back on track. Contact us to discuss additional details and apply.