Healthcare Financing Done Right

Dissolve your money worries by trusting Oxbow Capital Partners with your healthcare financing needs. We offer a wide variety of loan options to help you keep your business running smoothly. You focus on growing and attracting customers; we’ll focus on getting you the money you need.

Cover Day-To-Day Expenses

Use our working capital loans to pay for operational costs like rent and payroll. We won’t report your loans to personal credit bureaus, and we don’t demand payments right away. Feel free to use the money in any way you deem necessary to the success of your business. We also offer sizeable term limits to ensure you make the most out of the loan.

Lease and Loan Equipment

Medical equipment is an essential for nearly every healthcare practice. Oxbow Capital Partners makes sure you have the financing you need to stay fully stocked and up to date. There are several financing options you can choose from, including both leases and loans.

Get Rid of Debt

Don’t let debt drag your company down. Apply today for our debt consolidation plan that brings you through four easy steps:

  • Merge your debt.
  • Make one budget-friendly monthly payment.
  • Get a standard interest rate.
  • Pay off your debt faster.

The sooner you apply, the faster you can get rid of your debt. Reach out to our qualified experts today for a free consultation. We look forward to assisting you in your journey to financial freedom.