Improve Your Business With Equipment Financing

If your business needs a new piece of equipment but you lack the capital to purchase it, consider equipment financing from Oxbow Capital Partners. We offer several financing programs that can help you buy the item you need in just days.

Who Can Benefit From Equipment Financing?

Just about any business can take advantage of this financing. The funds can be used to buy trucks, computers, x-ray machines, printers, and everything in between. This type of financing is especially useful if your business has been in operation for less than two years and you are still low on revenue. It is also useful if you have a low credit score and are unable to procure a traditional loan. Best of all, it frees up your cash for any other needs you may have.

What Kind of Programs Are Available?

There are several options available to suit your needs. With equipment leasing, you sell us an asset you already own and then lease it back from us for a set term. When the lease is up and you’ve paid in full, you own the equipment again. With our startup program, we loan you funds to purchase the necessary equipment to get your new business off the ground. The equipment is used as collateral, so your interest rate is lower. For government agencies and municipalities on a tight budget, we offer guaranteed approval for equipment leasing.      

What Are the Terms?

These differ depending on your specific situation, but the below terms are common:

  • Little to no down payment necessary
  • Flexible payment structures, including low monthly payments and fixed interest rates
  • No financial statements required for applications of $150,000 or less
  • Funds up to $500,000 or even more if you meet certain requirements

Call Oxbow Capital Partners to start your application for equipment financing. Let us help you reach your business goals today.