Cash on Hand: Finance Your Business With Your Accounts Receivable

If you own a small business, one of the biggest pressures you face is cash flow. Oxbow Capital Partners offers accounts receivable financing that can provide the funding you need for everyday essentials and long-term growth.

How Does ARF Work?

ARF operates through the simple idea that a business already has the funds it needs to operate. The problem is this money may be tied up in accounts receivable that allows customers 90 or more days to pay. The cash is there on the books, but not yet in your hands.

With Oxbow Capital Partners, you can solve this dilemma by financing your receivables. ARF works like this:

  • You sell your AR to us at a discount.
  • We pay you cash for financing receivables.
  • You use the cash in any way you want to fund your business.
  • We assume collections for your AR, freeing you from this business headache.

What Are the Benefits of ARF?

Think about it: working capital to upgrade equipment, pay off debt, manage emergency expenses, make bulk purchases, meet payroll, satisfy seasonal orders, or grow your business. You get all without the worry of scrambling for collateral (your AR are your collateral) or waiting on pins and needles for traditional loan decisions.

When it comes to financing, you do have options. Call Oxbow Capital Partners today for a free consultation on accounts receivables financing.